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Traveller's EdgeTM by Aero-San is the first choice in travel health and travel products. We offer a complete line of air travel accessories to help keep you happy, healthy, and clean on your journeys.

Whether you are traveling on an important business trip or taking your one annual summer vacation... Don't let your trip be ruined by getting sick on the way there.  Just click on this link to watch the CBS News Special Report on \\"How To Avoid Getting Sick At 35,000 Feet\\"
Traveller's EdgeTM
  travel health products and air travel accessories should be your first line of defense.

Aero-San Traveller's Edge

When making plans to go on a trip, take precautions against airborne germs and diseases. Pack Traveller's EdgeTM air travel accessories and travel health products! Every time someone sneezes they expel a huge aerosol cloud filled with micro-droplets of potentially infected saliva and mucous.  Some germs can live for hours on objects and surfaces that are then touched by you or another person.  Traveller's EdgeTM air travel accessories can keep you safe and clean when you travel.    

The SARS outbreak of 2002 showed how air travel can rapidly spread emerging infectious diseases. The potential for a world-wide epidemic of Avian Flu increases every day with each flight into and out of infected areas. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected with Traveller's EdgeTM air travel accessories including the N95 mask - recommended by the Center for Disease Control as the preferred protection against SARS and Avian Flu.

Traveller's EdgeTM health products and air travel accessories are manufactured utilizing medical-grade materials.  All of our air travel accessories and travel health products have been designed to help keep you happy, healthy, and clean on your travels.

Latest News

Genius! DJ created song with the instructions on the plane flight

Bored of hearing the same instructions each time you fly, one of the group wedding dj melbourne was launched with a theme that surely hits the discoteques.

You are bored repetitive instructions given on airplanes?

Well, it’s the same thing happened to him a DJ Mashd N Kutcher group, yet he had a brilliant idea: Make a topic with those same instructions.

The mashup was created with the typical instructions “Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight , ” but with an electronic rhythm that captivated even to Warner Music Australia, who gave ” like ” the Facebook post.

Look here the recording process and part of the result, simply remarkable:




Non Stop , the Spanish settled in HollywoodJaume Collet-Serra , puts Liam Neeson in a nightmare scenario.An airplane, almost 200 passengers, a kidnapper and a bounty of 150 million dollars in exchange for not send everything to hell. It is not a new situation in the film, but the director of No identity account with a steady hand as entertaining as enjoyable exercise.

In line with the film today we remember a selection of 5 titles by parading terrorists, criminals, daredevil pilots, blizzards, conspiranoicos passengers and security agents, all aboard aircraft desperately seeking a runway. What is your favorite movie of planes and what ye miss? For the best quality of the movies, we recommend you to visit putlocker.

Non-Stop (2014)

Hijackings have been many in the film, but few as adrenaline and baffling as concocted here by Jaume Collet-Serra . Liam Neeson , security officer in flight, running against the clock to try to locate the passenger threatens to blow up plane if you enter 150 million. Told in real time, the film becomes as effective as an exciting narrative mechanism in which Neeson again demonstrates its ability to sustain any role. Your best ally on board is a Julianne Moore playing cluelessness.

Plan Flightplan (2005)

Accumulation of misfortunes for Jodie Foster in this thriller directed airs hitchcoquianos Robert Schwenke (Red). She plays a widow who travels with her ​​daughter from Berlin to US on the same flight carrying the coffin of her husband.After a restful sleep, the woman discovers with horror that her daughter has disappeared and nobody admits seeing her aboard. Filmed with surgical precision, history decays because of a final twixt overstretched. Sean Bean , always huge, he gives life to a very sketchy captain.

Flight (2012)

Inspired by a true story, Robert Zemeckis turned to Denzel Washington the captain of an aircraft suffered serious damage. The pilot manages to save the situation without anyone getting hurt, but the subsequent investigation of the facts reveals that the captain had consumed drugs and alcohol. A script politically incorrect, incisive and very well written Zemeckis manipulates at will to challenge the traditional concept of hero in America. Can a human wreck be a savior? Of course.

Air Force One (1997)

Many Americans would have liked that Harrison Ford was president of his country after seeing him in action in this film unmistakable patriotic aroma. Wolfgang Petersen handled solvency by you to you between Indy and an outdated Gary Oldman who plays a terrorist with very ornery. The plot excuse to convince us that Harrison is a man of action passes make him a former decorated soldier. If we forget the yankee tuff and salvapatrias, the film works as an estimable entertainment.

Con Air (1997)

The seal Bruckheimer flew high, very high in this joyful fantasmada directed between drinks (and maybe more) by Simon West. Nic Cage , Hormonado to the eyebrows and Pelaz, is involved in an untenable situation when you board an airplane-jail in traveling the planet’s most dangerous convicts. King of the function, however, is John Malkovich in the role of a son of a bitch manual you want to hijack the plane to avoid prison. Anthology also Steve Buscemi in “I’m a psychopath and killed with his eyes”.

Top 10 best videos on YouTube airlines: Air piques your viral marketing power

The airlines have the traditional commercial and generally boring -at safety videos, seizing the opportunity they saw in the network YouTube , to build a brand identity around creative micros that have become itself in ads the company.

The portal specialized in air marketing and new trends in the industry, Simpliflying has made ​​a selection of the best 10 and presented as case studies, this will answer your question “how do you buy views on youtube

Experts explain that this portal the trend started as a way to get the attention of passengers , especially Air New Zealand has developed a reputation for unusual security videos. On Air New Zealand unconventional videos are much more than checking a content of safety standards: have become part of the identity of the airline, doubling as marketing tools and raising awareness of the company in all the world . In this case, an exclusive video of the New Zealand airline is shown.

Top 10 Airline Videos on YouTube from SimpliFlying

It is also a successful video Virgin Atlantic that brought together all the elements for a video airline triumph: children, glamor and dieferenciación ; the amazing Etihad Airways highlighting the attributes of their brand ;that of JetBlue aimed at the heart of its passengers and managed in two weeks nearly a million views or that of British Airways who takes advantage of both the human element as technological and competitive ,challenging a famous rugby player in a race against his new A380 .

Another way to capture the attention of the passengers have been showing the action behind the scenes , for example, Delta Airlines ; or eafirmar a brand identity and invoke long – term partnerships , such as through the use of the Singapore Girl Singapore Airlines , using celebrities to convey a brand message as in the case of, for example, Turkish Airlines ; stimulating curiosity as KLM or simply being fun and memorable as WestJet .

7 best films about aviation pilot of all time

For many fans of the Super-8 recordings (tape recording), he has had a great importance by filmmakers approaching our passion to the big screen with what really unites us; aviation.

First of all, while it is true that there are many films talk about the 100% we focus on the content of aviation as such . We then go to the collection of 7 best films about aviation pilot of all time. For the best quality of the movies, just visit  xmovies8

1. The Spirit of St. Louis (1957)

Developed after the feat of pilot Charles A. Lindbergh, who with his plane “The Spirit of St. Louis” was the first pilot to fly from New York to Paris in a single journey.


It is impossible not to pause between the first approach of film and aviation (commercially speaking), thus we speak of “TOPGUN”, where everything pilot saw and / or heard the famous song “danger zone” or “take my breathe away” that certainly in 1986 they lit the concern of becoming a pilot.

3. Memphis Belle (1990)

The classic logo stamped on plane corresponds to a woman mythical bomber B-17 World War II, which made history by being the first to complete 25 missions. The film focuses on the twenty-fifth mission where your goal is to bombard the city of Bremen (Germany).

4. Pearl Harbor (2001)

Definitely not worth a description, where it is categorized as “air Titanic” for their 183 minutes of tape.

5. “Les chaveliers du ciel” (2005)

After four years he reached the “Knights of the Sky” screen, with its Dassault Mirage 2000 French Air Army (Armée de l’air) and high quality aerial shots really appreciated. How impressive is that the aerial shots have very few special effects; thus giving a greater sense of realism and closeness to the viewer.

The best shots of this film:

6. Amelia (2009)

Amelia Mary Earth, female pilot pioneer to make a solo flight across the Atlantic, made ​​a flight around the world in 1937 on his plane Lockheed Electra 10E, but after trying to get your personal challenge disappeared in the Pacific Ocean (near Howland island).

7. “The Flight” (2012)

I developed greatly based on events that occurred on 31 January 2000, operated by Alaska Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 from Puerto Vallarta (MX) to Seattle (US), with a stopover in San Francisco (US). Enroute they suffer a major problem as is the loss of control of the aircraft, a result of ” insufficient lubrication excessive wear and elevator assembly” after this s and produces an uncontrolled descent to the sea; all aircraft occupants die.

This film takes place on a flight from Orlando operated by SouthJet bound Atlanta, where fortunately gets out of the favorable condition for a catastrophic event. The CPT inverts the aircraft thus saving 96 of 102 people after a forced landing in a field near a church.

Well, now tell us what are your favorite movies aviation?

US intelligence It is inclined to link pilots with aircraft disappearance of Malaysia Airlines

That country, China and Japan are leading to a total of 14 countries working in the lookup Boeing 777, of which nothing is known from Friday 7 March.

The Malaysian authorities assured that someone changed the direction of the plane and disconnected communication systems, but refuse to speak even a kidnapping.

WASHINGTON : US intelimax iq is leaning toward the theory that the pilot and co – pilot of the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines which nothing is known for more than a week ago, are somehow responsible for the disappearance of the aircraft, according said Saturday CNN. the news channel, citing a source on condition of anonymity to a US official with “direct knowledge” of the case, said that the Malaysian government had spent days looking record the pilot house, a Malaysian 53, with 8,365 hours of flying. But it was in the last 24 hours when the information gathered by radar and satellite gave enough backing to the Malaysian authorities to register the home of the subject, located on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. he clarified, however that all theories that are shuffled and discussions of intelligence are based on preliminary assessments of what we know to date. the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, refocused on Saturday to the Indian ocean search the plane disappeared 239 people on board after confirming that someone changed the course of the Boeing 777, although he refused to talk about kidnapping. in a press conference, Razak said that someone disconnected the communication systems of the apparatus Malaysia Airlines and caused the plane to change course towards west and flew for five hours. the Malaysian authorities do not know where he is right now, but assume that is located in a corridor that includes western Indonesia and the Indian, or another that runs from northern Thailand to border between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. the flight MH370 left Kuala Lumpur at 00.41 local time (16.41 GMT Friday March 7) and was scheduled to land in Beijing about six hours later, but disappeared from radar about 40 minutes after takeoff and since nothing is known of him or remains we have been found. The Boeing available fuel for 7 hours of flight carrying 239 people when it started. 227 passengers, including seven children, and a crew of 12 Malaysian Razak he refused to talk about kidnapping, but its submission pointing in that direction. China, the US and Japan are leading to a total of 14 countries cooperating in the search operations of the aircraft. 

Exercises on the journey to prevent economy class syndrome




Some of you sure that you are already planning summer vacations, and maybe between your plans a trip to a distant country is. We love going out to visit places away from our city, but a long plane ride without being able to move the seat can be very hard for our body.


The syndrome economy class arises from the narrow spaces in which we have to travel on airplanes (more now with the proliferation of low-cost airlines), and that may pose a challenge for our cardiovascular system and for our general health. Today we’ll tell you what we can do with private training gyms to prevent this uncomfortable syndrome.

What is the economy class syndrome? Basically is the formation of thrombi or blood clots in the deep veins of the legs due to poor circulation . These thrombi in the worst can become fragmented and spread, reaching the pulmonary arteries.

Not all are equally exposed to this syndrome: for the “normal” population (without serious health problems) the likelihood of suffering is low. Women over 40 who use contraception, are obese, are smokers or pregnant have an average risk. The highest risk suffer those with previous episodes of thrombosis or a family history, those suffering from an oncological disease or those who have undergone a general anesthesia recently.

The most basic to prevent syndrome economy class pass recommendations wear comfortable clothing for travel and unadjusted tissues, have a good hydrationbefore, during and after the journey, take a good posture during it and get a good temperature. Furthermore, we should not drink alcohol or caffeine before or during the trip, as it promotes dehydration. Nor we must keep her legs crossed, since impairs circulation in the lower extremities.

In addition to these recommendations, there are some exercises that can beperformed in our seat without disturbing our neighbors trip, and we help maintain normal circulation and loosen up the limbs:


  • The most obvious exercise is going for a walk down the aisle of the plane when possible (careful to avoid food carts and cabin crew).
  • Sitting in our seat, we can put your legs together and feet on tiptoe , holding this position for a few seconds.
  • We will exercise joint mobility tobllo , moving up and down, sideways and drawing circles in both directions.
  • We can clocar a small object between your knees, like a sheet of paper or a pillow and caught between them, raise and lower the legs slowly.
  • A small upward massage from the ankles to the knees will also help to stimulate circulation.


Seize the trip to do some exercise and plan how they will be those days of vacation!Happy flying!


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