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Traveller's EdgeTM by Aero-San is the first choice in travel health and travel products. We offer a complete line of air travel accessories to help keep you happy, healthy, and clean on your journeys.

Whether you are traveling on an important business trip or taking your one annual summer vacation... Don't let your trip be ruined by getting sick on the way there.  Just click on this link to watch the CBS News Special Report on \\"How To Avoid Getting Sick At 35,000 Feet\\"
Traveller's EdgeTM
  travel health products and air travel accessories should be your first line of defense.

Aero-San Traveller's Edge

When making plans to go on a trip, take precautions against airborne germs and diseases. Pack Traveller's EdgeTM air travel accessories and travel health products! Every time someone sneezes they expel a huge aerosol cloud filled with micro-droplets of potentially infected saliva and mucous.  Some germs can live for hours on objects and surfaces that are then touched by you or another person.  Traveller's EdgeTM air travel accessories can keep you safe and clean when you travel.    

The SARS outbreak of 2002 showed how air travel can rapidly spread emerging infectious diseases. The potential for a world-wide epidemic of Avian Flu increases every day with each flight into and out of infected areas. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected with Traveller's EdgeTM air travel accessories including the N95 mask - recommended by the Center for Disease Control as the preferred protection against SARS and Avian Flu.

Traveller's EdgeTM health products and air travel accessories are manufactured utilizing medical-grade materials.  All of our air travel accessories and travel health products have been designed to help keep you happy, healthy, and clean on your travels.

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The summer is near, with him the vacations, and with them the trips. Many will travel by land, but others will do it by air. Surely many people have doubts about whether it is possible to travel with a camera in a plane, or how to do it without problems and that oblige us to check in the cellar of the plane our precious equipment.


We want to give you some tips so you do not have problems when traveling with a camera in an airplane:

1. Reduce photographic baggage

It’s hard for us to decide what material to put in the backpack and which to leave at home or in the studio. Surely more than one has already happened, carry a target during a trip and not get to mount (not for a miserable photo).

Try to minimize your equipment. Note the goals you use most regularly and discard those you do not use so much.

2. The great enemy, the tripod

If you have a tripod (that does not exceed the measures of hand luggage) and that you can put it inside the backpack (nothing to go hanging out), surely you have no problems. Although it depends on which airline you travel with you can have a setback, check your policies and safety rules.

Another option is to put the tripod in the suitcase that you are going to check, protected with your clothes, there surely will not have problems.

And broadening point 1, think if you really want to use the tripod, there are homemade solutions to save us use according to what pictures (a rice bag, a good point of support … etc).

3. Check the conditions of transport of your airline

Although most airlines have similar criteria, each may have some differences, so ideally you should check with the company you are traveling.

As a general rule, it will not be a problem to include our Photo Visual equipment as hand luggage, as long as it does not exceed the common measures and weights (55x40x20 cm and 10 kg). In addition, some companies allow a second bag (35x20x20 cm), ideal if we are only going to transport a small camera or a medium camera with a single lens.


4. Check the dangerous goods of your airline

As for dangerous goods we have to be careful with spare batteries. Most companies are governed by IATA (International Air Transport Association) rules, the general rule is this:

There are 3 types of batteries depending on their wattage per hour (Wh).

5. Traveling with photographic film

Although they are certainly a minority, there are also people who travel with their analogue camera, so they are accompanied by photosensitive photographic films. That’s a problem when it happens to be X-rays (in this article of Kodak you can see perfectly how they affect x-rays to a photographic film).

There are special bags for the transport of this material, some bags that will protect the films of the X-rays . Another option is to take them in a transparent bag and trust to meet with a comprehensive security manager who does not pass the scanner through the films.


With all these tips, we hope that your photographic equipment reaches its destination without problems and that you enjoy your trip. In order to have a wonderful memory of your trip, we take the opportunity to mention our online travel photography course, sure to help you get back with magazine pictures

British gynecologists extend to more week the possibility of travel and flying in gestation if it is not risk

Pregnancy is a feminine condition that does not mean illness, and that is why society is adapting to the reality of seeing women with prominent bellies in the most unexpected places. In order to also adapt the councils, the different organizations get updated guides.

The latest organization to join in this trend is the College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of  Fairfax OBGYN, which has increased the recommended travel time by one week. If the pregnancy is not risky, say the doctors, a woman can fly until week 37, when before was considered the 36 as deadline. Of course, the English gynecologists emphasize that it should be a safe pregnancy, and not a twin. In this case they are more conservative: compared to the 34-week top that was previously considered safe, Now we are talking about 32. In order for the woman to be calm, obstetricians recommend that once she passes the 28 weeks of pregnancy ask your doctor if it is appropriate that, given your personal case, you can fly.

driving In the car, however, the conditions are less strict, and that 1 in 50 pregnant women has an accident. The insurance company Halo has created a very simple and visual practical guide for women to know how to protect themselves during the nine months of their gestation.

Remember that data from the Mutual Foundation of Drivers say that every year between 200 and 700 pregnancies are interrupted by accidents, and that 50% of fetal deaths, according to Matron Marina Fernández Martín, “are caused by bad use of the belt by Part of the pregnant woman.

Jeanne Picard Mahaut, delegate of Stop Accidents in Galicia, advises in this regard that “the best way to reduce these accidents is to reduce speed, since it is the first factor that influences the severity of accidents. In addition, it is much better as long as it is possible to travel in the back seat, even better in the middle seat to avoid risks caused after a side collision.

Another problem that pregnant women have in travel, whether by plane or by car, is the risk of thrombosis or edema. Side effects are the accumulation of fluid in the legs and produce swelling; And in the case of airplanes, you may also experience bleeding in the nose and ears problems due to changes in air pressure, or nausea due to dizziness. Specialists suggest that pregnant women take these risks into account, but that they do not prevent them from moving freely as long as neither they nor their children are at risk.

Fishing Accessories – Build Your Fishing Kit Little by Little

People throughout the universe, take the sport of fishing very seriously.

The fishing accessories are a very important part for all self-respecting fisherman. There are many fishermen around the world who long to make good catches in each of their fisheries, but they do not have a clear idea of ​​what fishing accessories are necessary to carry with them in order to increase the chances of capture. In today’s article, I want to help you a little bit in how to assemble your fishing kit little by little and so you do not miss anything when it comes to stick your hand in it …

The first thing I recommend, is that you get drunk with a bit of information as far as prices are concerned of the main fishing items. If you are a fisherman a little more advanced, then you should go looking for example, which rapalas are the last in the market, or perhaps the reel of greater speed of collection that has left lately, or maybe …, verify that thread coloration are The ones that are most impacting in the different fishing sites at world level …

But if you are a newbie in the art of fishing , you may click here.., I want to explain some things that should not be missing in your fishing accessories .., pay close attention:

Fishing Accessories: The fishing rod

The most important part of your preparation team is without doubt: the fishing rod. Why the fishing rod is the first thing you should get?, Simply because this addition is the basis of your fishing in any place that you decide to go fishing, whether fresh or salt water; And although it is no less true that without fishing rod you can capture good pieces .., there is no doubt that the comfort and versatility that gives you this addition is unique.

With a fishing rod, you can perform various techniques in unison, be it deep-sea fishing, live fishing, artificial fishing, cork fishing, etc., etc.

Fishing accessories- Your fisherman’s box

In your fisherman’s box, you will also place other fishing accessories that will serve you very much at the beginning in this sport. I mean the hooks, leads, loops, take-offs, line basses. Also you can include some artificial baits that are never too much: rapalas, artificial worms, jiggs, pens, etc. I recommend you never miss a good clip, flashlight and rubber gloves.

Fishing Accessories: The clothes you should wear.

You will have to get a backpack full of clothes that suits all kinds of weather. Normally, you can have a poncho to protect yourself from rain, some waterproof overalls in case you decide to get into the water. These monkeys are designed so that you can be waist-deep in the water and your clothes do not get wet at all. You may want to get yourself a traditional “pachanga” fishing. These are hats that protect you from the sun as you set your lure around the edge for easy accessibility.

This is the basic fishing gear that you should always carry with you, and as your experience and knowledge grows, you can continue to add things to your fishing accessories. Both at sea and in fresh water, the additions to use are different, but do not worry .., because this you can only obtain with the passing of the years and your experience in the art of fishing.

Beauty Secrets for a Long Flight

The crew tells you the tricks to be perfect during and after a long-haul flight.

you land, why you are accompanied, or why you never know who you can meet on an airplane. And who can know more beauty in aircraft crew itself ? Helen Roxburgh , responsible for training, image and crew uniform Emirates , gives us the keys to keep beautiful, even in the air.

Before the flight:
Dehydration during a flight affects all types of skin, especially hands, face and cuticles. To compensate, the days before the flight should hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water, fruit juices, vegetables (especially cucumber). The goal is to prevent dehydration and fluid retention.

During the flight:

Ponte cream or body oil with clean skin before starting the trip. On long flights it is best that you avoid putting on make-up, or that you take off once you are on the plane. The next step is to put eye contour and a facial tonic on the lines of expression of the forehead or around the lips. Often the lips are dry, so we recommend using a lip balm so that they are soft and moisturized.
To avoid the effect of moisture in the air we suggest not to use hair products. If you have long hair, better wear it collected in a ponytail. Once on the plane, you can get some serum or hair oil (especially at the tips, avoiding the roots if your hair tends to be greased). As for the brush, better if it is natural bristles, or wood, to avoid the effect of static electricity.

Before landing : The Cleansing wipes are not useful just to clean the face of makeup on the plane. They will also serve to refresh the skin, and even to clean your armpits before putting on the deodorant.

Essential beauty kit on a flight:
If you want to look healthy during the flight, we recommend using a BB or CC Cream Cream, rather than makeup . If you want some rouge , keep in mind that pink or orange base shades are the best choice for fair skin and blond / red hair. For skin brunettes, feel the terracotta or coral tones better. Put the blush on the top of the cheeks and avoid the illuminators or bronzing to better control the effects of light.
For facial hydration, you can take the flight times to you a pilaten mask , looking for one that is rich in vitamin C, with citrus, or blueberries. But you can also carry a moisturizing spray with thermal water.
According to the skin you have, choose a type of illuminator or another. If you do not have too dry skin, pick one powder for a more natural effect; If you have mixed skin, the best option is the cream shape.

Recommended accommodation in Germany

During my trip of 48 days by Germany in April and May 2014 to visit 38 places Heritage of Unesco needed to stay because I traveled with interrail, hotels near train stations, which have good security because He wore expensive technological equipment, which were available high-speed Internet, to upload photos and videos as the trip unfolded.

These requirements found them amply fulfilled in the chain of Hotels / Hostels  A & O  with establishments in Austria, Czech Republic and Germany.

In Germany have hotels in Berlin, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Munich, and is an interesting hybrid between a hotel and hostel with all the amenities of a hotel but with rates hostel. The atmosphere is mixed, young backpackers, but also families and businessmen, and although in principle I would say that this mixture does not work, the reality is that yes, and quite well.

In this article I will be adding the hotels I visited  A & O Hostels  and recommend.

A & O Hamburg Hauptbahnhof .

The main train station Hamburg is where reaches the vast majority of travelers visiting the city, and the three Hostels A & O is in town, this is the closest to the station, about ten minutes walk.


In a spectacular seven – story building, I recommend ordering room on the upper floors, because although they have double – glazed windows, the traffic noise is great as it passes the highway next. The building was store for goods from half theworld, and after a complete renovation, opened in 2007 with 267 modern rooms and is the largest hostel chain in Hamburg, as the  A & O Hamburg City is even larger.

The A & O Hamburg Hauptbahnhof is typical Hanseatic architecture with red brick facade that blends well with the urban landscape of Hamburg. In addition to modern rooms, offers plenty of services and activities, including a huge lobby, bar, reception and pub in the basement, service 24h, WiFi Internet access, Internet terminals, washing machine, playground for children, pool, lounge TV, selling snacks, soft drinks and beer, parking, meeting room and out of games with basketball and other machines.

A & O Köln Dom Hauptbahnhof . The Cologne Dom (Cathedral) is just 50 meters from the cathedral and the central train station in a very bright modern fourstorey building. It’s only hotel with 44 rooms.

There is another hotel / hostel not so centrally located so that if you are staying a few days in Cologne, better to be in the center of the action, as the cathedral, the station and the square are the heart of the city.

It has wifi and free internet access, breakfast area and relaxing, and refrigerators selling drinks, coffee and basic toiletries in case you forgot them. The rooms, though small, are immaculate and very clean. The staff is very attentive. Breakfast buffet very complete and it costs only 6 ?? and it includes all kinds of bread, cold cuts, fruit, yogurt and coffee and juice. They often have deals for online bookings with discounts, free high speed wifi, and 7% discount for prepayment.

A & O Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof .
The main train station of Nuremberg is immense and with much movement of people and the square which is full of hotels.The A & O is just 200 meters walk from the station.


The reception of the hotel A & O Nuremberg is very large with all the services: ATM, games area with billiards and table football, a bar, a seating area with a cozy decor, library, coffee machine rental for offices and refrigerators selling ice cream and beverages, and computers for the Internet; the wifi is free.

They have a terrace bar on the fifth floor of the building with beautiful views over the city.

The breakfast buffet is very complete and varied for 6 ??, with fruits, breads, meats, cereals, coffee, tea and cream cheese.

Hotel / Hostel A & O Berlin Hauptbahnhof . A 10 minute walk from the central train station in Berlin, but in a quiet street, this hotel & hostel is one of the three that has the A & O in Berlin, and one that has more atmosphere I’ve visited


The reception of the hotel A & O Berlin is very spacious with games area with billiards and table football, a bar, a seating area very wide, and every imaginable service: computers for Internet, ATM, library, coffee machines and refrigerators for sale ice cream and drinks, and bike rentals; the wifi is free.

They have a terrace bar on the top floor of the building that is full especially when there’s football on the big screen it has.

The breakfast buffet in the basement, with two dining rooms, is very complete and varied for 6 ??, with fruits, breads, meats, cereals, coffee, tea, salads, yoghurts and cream cheese.

See you soon!

Learn English while traveling in Ferry

Learn English while traveling in Ferry, an innovative method to study and sight seeing Vaughan Systems presents its latest initiative to gain English: learn it on a ferry.Two Spanish students two English speakers and a professor of Vaughan Systems “immersed” for several days in English in an intense journey between Santander and southwest England. The destination of the trip is a typical English inn where they will continue practicing the language subjecting students to real situations 

Have you ever thought that a ferry may be the best place como aprender ingles em um ano ? Vaughan Systems, Spain first provider of language courses for managers and staff company, has found the perfect formula for a ferry ride five Spanish – two people, two English speakers and a professor Vaughan Systems- between Santander and Plymouth, with accommodation for two nights in a lovely inn in southwest England and all the time in the world to undergo real situations using English.

A Santander ferry ride south of England is already a tempting offer, but if that is added at the same time one gets with English, the proposition becomes irresistible. Ivan Shuja, director of Vaughan Systems for the Northern Zone, stresses that this initiative ” we intend to take our methods of immersion in English until the end, holding the hand of students to English – speaking people and subjecting them to a real contact with expressions, twists and accents of the language, they will have to overcome in order to interact with their environment. ”

A very intense weekend

travel plans starts at four o’clock on a Thursday, when participants take the ferry in the port of Santander with Plymouth direction. After settling in individual cabin, one of the Spanish journey begins with individual English classes, while the other maintains a talk time with English speakers. By mid afternoon the papers until dinnertime, they will share all together, and the subsequent evening are reversed.

On arrival at Plymouth, the five will have a wide minivan available to drive to a lovely “Manor House” (manor house) in the middle of the region of Cornwall.Among the tourist attractions in the area include several castles and mansions, as well as the impressive megalithic monument of Stonehenge.

During the two – day stay, participants will be immersed in different situations that will test their language skills, since they have to solve for themselves. From order a meal to ask for more information about the places they visit, everything will be done in a correct English. The return also ferry is scheduled for Sunday at four o’clock in the afternoon, with docking at the port of Santander earlier on Monday.

The fitness program a traveler

I’m the first to admit that I am no elite athlete. James Cracknell have destroyed me in virtually any career. In the words of Ben Saunders, the polar explorer and my old military buddy, I’m an average “slow but industrious worker.” Leaving it clear, to do some task I need to be in shape, relatively strong and ready to accept a physical challenge.

My recordings and constant expeditions mean that I am traveling most of my life. My time at home is a precious luxury where I spend fewer days a year than in my travels filming for Discovery Channel and the BBC, and running through airports. So all that implies workouts that can be done wherever-and with almost no equipment. It also involves exercising in a short time.

During my time in the military, I spent six months in Crossmaglen, Northern Ireland, where he was in charge of a group of 30 soldiers. In our observation tower, surrounded by barbed on the top of a hill, we did not have a gym. So did one fit shop. Broomsticks put in a few pots and filled with concrete to make barbells and dumbbells. Although everything worked and we managed to develop enough muscle during our stay, eating too much canned tuna, we realized it was not really necessary and we did it to look good in a mirror, mainly. We were not really in shape.

Times have changed and training methods have evolved. Besides, as I aged, my desire to have huge biceps to see them in a mirror, has been replaced by a desire to be physically fit in general. The force still plays an important role, but equally do my mobility, speed, aerobic fitness and good health.

My choice is now training exercise calisthenics. The calisthenics are essentially routines where you only use your own body weight. If done well, they can give you an impressive force, an improved aerobic capacity and total body mobility that make you feel able to accomplish any task that you propose.

I have a couple of routines body weight fairly simple, based loosely around interval training high intensity (HIIT for short), which I can do in the hotel room, in the jungle, or in the cubicle a toilet.

Aside from my training sessions sprints (see below), I usually divide my routines in two training sessions: upper and lower body. The reason for this is that if I try to train my entire body in just 15 minutes, my muscles not work enough-I can not work any muscle enough to feel that really exercised. On the other hand, split between muscle groups more days and just feel more difficult, plus it means working the major muscle groups more often. For example, chest day, invariably you will use the muscles of the back, arms and torso. Train those muscles very frequently involves not have the time to properly recover.

Many recent research suggests that we need more recovery time than previously thought, so there is definitely a case of “less is more” when it comes to the frequency of any muscular endurance training. My time training five times a week are long gone for me, especially since I was 40 years old. Three intense sessions a week is all I need to have a good general shape and that is key- to improve my fitness steadily .

So how does my average week:

  • Monday – upper body – 15 minutes.
  • Wednesday – training sprints – 15 minutes.
  • Friday – lower body – 15 minutes.

That is all. Apart from a bit of stretching and mobility exercises every day (and meditation to my mind), I just sweat a total of 45 minutes a week. A few 3 hours per month physical exercise which, if done with adequate intensity, is what most people need.

Which brings me to the core of this type of training: the intensity.

I always train alone, and so I need to have something that I must achieve in order to compare myself and have the motivation to train as if my life depended on it. For that I have a record of training. Record each session and there is always some amount of repetitions that I must achieve. To me, that means I have to give my best effort. No time to do things halfway. No relaxed sessions. If I am too tired or I feel like I have not recovered enough from my last session so that it can give everything, then delay my workout another day. Provided they succeed in making my three sessions each week, really it does not matter much what day it is.

Workouts you can do during a trip

After spending a month in the UK, I think I ate more than enough junk food. I tried to maintain a relatively balanced diet , but the English are not known for their healthy lifestyle. Also, when I decided to travel to Scotland, I knew there would be fried pizza and much whiskey in my future.

I think one of the best ways to combat a poor diet for a trip -more than heart- surgery is exercise. But that’s not as easy as it seems. First you must find a gym. That’s easy if you’re in New York, but it is not so simple in Incheon, South Korea, where there are only a few that are well equipped.

Second, you must overcome language barriers . And finally, you must decide what to do with the little or much equipment with you count to train. Puntarenas, Costa Rica, for example, should not LOSE MY creative as they had many things. I also needed a lot of water because that moist heat without air conditioning can beat anyone.

In this article I will share three quick and effective workouts you can do with various tools and accessories with old school new body. They will help you maintain your strength and size and reduce fat gain while you’re away from home.

Good trip!

training 1

I’ll start with a simple full body workout that builds muscle while providing a similar cardio effect. The first exercise is a block circuit density in which you complete as many sets as possible within a time limit. Then, with the remaining time you can work your abdominal muscles.

Make as many series as you can in 15 minutes:
A1) Squats cup , 4 repetitions
A2) Press dumbbell bench , 4 reps
A3) Barras wide grip , 4 repetitions

Resting normally do:
B1) Reverse Crunches , 3 sets, 8 reps, 30 seconds rest.

training 2

This circuit time stimulates your muscles, gives you a great cardio workout and creates a metabolic effect that helps you burn fat during and after training. Each series lasts about 20 seconds with a rest period after 40 seconds, so you should make sure to choose the right weight. Rest 90 seconds at the end of the circuit (you’ll need it ) and make three rounds.

A1) Squats cup
A2) Lagartijas style Spiderman
A3) dynamic lunges
A4) Press dumbbell
A5) Super plates

workout 3

The latter is more conventional training. Ideal if you are looking for is not a routine that leaves you exhausted (which is understandable since also must deal with the time change, the different climate, diet, etc.). My advice here is to take it to a level of difficulty of six on a scale of one to 10. No need to push yourself too much, you’re on vacation, after all.

A1) Bulgarian Squats alternating legs , 6 series, 4 repetitions per next, 30 seconds rest
B1) Press barbell , 4 sets, 6 reps, 30 seconds rest
B2) Bars , 4 sets, 6 reps, 30 seconds rest
B3) Remo three points with dumbbell , 4 sets, 6 reps per side, 30 seconds rest

Movies about air accidents.

New York suburb. 1990.


Years 25 January 1990. Air traffic controllers across the United States have closely followed the progress of a large storm front.


Meteorologist: A major cyclone formed in the Great Lakes region and moved from there to the east, fast approaching New York. It covered the entire northeastern US aviation.


Due to bad weather, it has greatly increased the risk of accidents during takeoff and landing aircraft. Flights delayed or canceled. But despite the bad weather, due to the high workload Washington airport, air traffic controllers asked their colleagues in New York to take as many passenger flights. In fact, the control center forced mission managers to take the number of flights on a secure chapel. Many planes already in the air and had to be planted .


Expert: Shortly before his departure from Medellin pilots ” Avianca ” warned of the worsening climate.


However, a few hours of dense fog and low clouds completely obscured the track. Admission aircraft airport “Kennedy” deteriorated significantly.


At this time in Colombia flights it registered 52 companies “Avianca” ( Boeing 707 -321B), who flew to New York. Flight engineer Mathias Maya controlled fuel refueling aircraft. 36 tons of fuel would be enough and a long flight, and additional preplant maneuvering. Exactly 15: 00 52 airline “Avianca” Medellin took off with a full supply of fuel on board. Total for this flight in the United States has reported 158 passengers and crew.


In the afternoon, the weather conditions at the airport John F. Kennedy became critical. Because the tracks of heavy congestion, the aircraft circled for a long time in the sky. You can not change the flight path, foreign aircraft were forced to wait in line for landing. At the height of 1500 feet wind reached hurricane strength. Air traffic controllers have been desperate to control the movement of aircraft in the skies of New York efforts. At that time, the airport has a single runway for arriving aircraft. An increasing number of planes came over New York. Everyone was waiting their turn. But the crew of Flight 52 do not know about it . The pilots did not send the request on weather conditions in the vicinity of the airports in New York and Boston.


Judge: I can not imagine how those responsible for the lives of more than a hundred passengers can fly without specifying the weather.


1990 accident years.

Avianca Boeing 707


Meanwhile, the aircraft entered the airspace near Norfolk. For New York was less than 40 minutes of flight. 50 old captain of the plane Kalides Lorean was a very experienced pilot, but summed limited knowledge of English. Therefore, all communications took control of 28 passenger air traffic year Maurissio babble. The third crew member was a flight engineer Mathias Maya.

You can watch the movie here at Watch Movies Online.

Expert: It was a highly qualified team. They are not the first time they make a flight to New York on aircraft ” Avianca ‘.

Two errors or an intention can block the cabin door

Experts try to explain why one of the pilots was left out and could not enter

Experts from JT Auto Security trying to explain why one of the two pilots of the Germanwings A320 that crashed on Tuesday in the French Alps was outside the cabin at the time of the accident and failed to return. According to the analysis of the black box found, one of the pilots hit strongly but failed to gain access to the cockpit, public The New York Times.

Is the cab closed during the flight?

After 11-S regulations requires that pilots booths are closed inside during the flight, but a single person, it should never be left but an auxiliary must accompany you at that time, says the Dean of the school of pilots, Luis Lacasa.The Spanish Agency for air safety (AESA) clarifies that the directive does not oblige this (United States law does), but that is limited to prohibit some pilots leave the cabin during takeoff or landing. But “most of the companies”, explains a spokesman for AESA, its protocols include the requirement that a cabin attendant accompanies the pilot in the cockpit.

If one of the drivers leaves the cabin (to stretch your legs, go to the bathroom…), how can it turn to enter?

The pilot who is inside can see who wants to enter through a peephole in the door or through a surveillance camera.This procedure may vary depending on each company, but the pilot who is inside has to make sure who wants to enter.Which is out called by an intercom and hopes to open it from the inside. If after trying several times does not enter and do not answer, from the outside you can enter a code that unlocks the door automatically in 30 seconds, explained a spokesman for the pilots Association, Borja Diaz Capelli.

Is it possible to open the door even if the driver is unconscious?

There is a security system that allows the pilot is outside the cockpit insert a code to open the door for the case that the pilots befalls them a sudden and severe malaise as a massive heart attack. The only way that the door is not opened is that from inside cockpit to crash intentionally or who fails the system, explains Diaz Capelli, which clarifies that this system is checked before each rotation of the aircraft. The doors are also locks that can be operated manually.

According to the head of the Technical Department of Sepla (Spanish Union of airline pilots), Ariel Shocrón, there have been cases in which the door is blocked “by a failure of the system”. “Last summer came out in the media that came out of the cabin one of the pilots in United States, door was blocked and the other pilot had to declare emergency and land at the nearest airport to see what what was happening and ensure the safety of the crew,” he explains.

It is possible that the pilot aware code?

According to Diaz Capelli, it is impossible, because between the checks made by the pilots to check that access to cabin system operates correctly before flying this code is entered.



As reported by the EFE news agency in Bangkok, malware had infected at least 30 computers involved in investigating the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 just one day after the disappearance of flight.

Research by the government agency WP Malware Removal detected that there was a program on computers Civil Aviation Department, the National Security Council, etc … I was collecting information and forwarding it to a Chinese IP. It was from an internal complaint of the government agencies where the collapse of its servers was detected due to the mass-mailing abroad when the investigation began. After confirming the infection it was decided to shut down the equipment and Chinese providers being asked to block the transmission of data a few days after the hacking was discovered.

Presumably computers were infected due to input an email with an attached PDF with the issue of finding the missing plane which contained malicious software. The investigation continues to be a serious matter because as Amirudin Abdul Wahab said, CEO of CyberSecurity, the newspaper   << >> The Star  as confindencial those emails containing information and classified documents.Currently he is working with Interpol to identify those involved.

Keep in mind that not all documents are stolen on the flight which disappeared can assume that this was not the only objective.

Recently also she stopped a Malaysian Bank employee with her husband more than $ 31,000 from four bank accounts of some of the missing passengers along the fly. amounts of three accounts that were entered in a fourth account where stolen cash were stolen. All belonged to the same bank accounts. It was the 2nd of August when the bank manager contacted the police to report suspicious transactions. Moreover also investigating the 32-year employee who approved the renewal of the credit card was used to withdraw money. Police are also looking for a Pakistani man who could be involved in the plot.

Meanwhile the Australian government in its efforts to locate the aircraft has reached an agreement with a Dutch consultant to perform a deep draft of a cost of approximately $ 48 million and could be extended up to one year. Meanwhile the flight MH370 with 239 people aboard still missing in what is one of the latest aeronautical most mysterious disappearances.

Genius! DJ created song with the instructions on the plane flight

Bored of hearing the same instructions each time you fly, one of the group wedding dj melbourne was launched with a theme that surely hits the discoteques.

You are bored repetitive instructions given on airplanes?

Well, it’s the same thing happened to him a DJ Mashd N Kutcher group, yet he had a brilliant idea: Make a topic with those same instructions.

The mashup was created with the typical instructions “Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight , ” but with an electronic rhythm that captivated even to Warner Music Australia, who gave ” like ” the Facebook post.

Look here the recording process and part of the result, simply remarkable:




Non Stop , the Spanish settled in Hollywood Jaume Collet-Serra , puts Liam Neeson in a nightmare scenario.An airplane, almost 200 passengers, a kidnapper and a bounty of 150 million dollars in exchange for not send everything to hell. It is not a new situation in the Filme online, but the director of No identity account with a steady hand as entertaining as enjoyable exercise.

In line with the film today we remember a selection of 5 titles by parading terrorists, criminals, daredevil pilots, blizzards, conspiranoicos passengers and security agents, all aboard aircraft desperately seeking a runway. What is your favorite movie of planes and what ye miss? For the best quality of the movies, we recommend you to visit xmovies8.

Non-Stop (2014)

Hijackings have been many in the film, but few as adrenaline and baffling as concocted here by Jaume Collet-Serra . Liam Neeson , security officer in flight, running against the clock to try to locate the passenger threatens to blow up plane if you enter 150 million. Told in real time, the film becomes as effective as an exciting narrative mechanism in which Neeson again demonstrates its ability to sustain any role. Your best ally on board is a Julianne Moore playing cluelessness.

Plan Flightplan (2005)

Accumulation of misfortunes for Jodie Foster in this thriller directed airs hitchcoquianos Robert Schwenke (Red). She plays a widow who travels with her ​​daughter from Berlin to US on the same flight carrying the coffin of her husband.After a restful sleep, the woman discovers with horror that her daughter has disappeared and nobody admits seeing her aboard. Filmed with surgical precision, history decays because of a final twixt overstretched. Sean Bean , always huge, he gives life to a very sketchy captain.

Flight (2012)

Inspired by a true story, Robert Zemeckis turned to Denzel Washington the captain of an aircraft suffered serious damage. The pilot manages to save the situation without anyone getting hurt, but the subsequent investigation of the facts reveals that the captain had consumed drugs and alcohol. A script politically incorrect, incisive and very well written Zemeckis manipulates at will to challenge the traditional concept of hero in America. Can a human wreck be a savior? Of course.

Air Force One (1997)

Many Americans would have liked that Harrison Ford was president of his country after seeing him in action in this film unmistakable patriotic aroma. Wolfgang Petersen handled solvency by you to you between Indy and an outdated Gary Oldman who plays a terrorist with very ornery. The plot excuse to convince us that Harrison is a man of action passes make him a former decorated soldier. If we forget the yankee tuff and salvapatrias, the film works as an estimable entertainment.

Con Air (1997)

The seal Bruckheimer flew high, very high in this joyful fantasmada directed between drinks (and maybe more) by Simon West. Nic Cage , Hormonado to the eyebrows and Pelaz, is involved in an untenable situation when you board an airplane-jail in traveling the planet’s most dangerous convicts. King of the function, however, is John Malkovich in the role of a son of a bitch manual you want to hijack the plane to avoid prison. Anthology also Steve Buscemi in “I’m a psychopath and killed with his eyes”.

Top 10 best videos on YouTube airlines: Air piques your viral marketing power

The airlines have the traditional commercial and generally boring -at safety videos, seizing the opportunity they saw in the network YouTube , to build a brand identity around creative micros that have become itself in ads the company.

The portal specialized in air marketing and new trends in the industry, Simpliflying has made ​​a selection of the best 10 and presented as case studies, this will answer your question “how do you buy views on youtube”

Experts explain that this portal the trend started as a way to get the attention of passengers , especially Air New Zealand has developed a reputation for unusual security videos. On Air New Zealand unconventional videos are much more than checking a content of safety standards: have become part of the identity of the airline, doubling as marketing tools and raising awareness of the company in all the world . In this case, an exclusive video of the New Zealand airline is shown.

Top 10 Airline Videos on YouTube from SimpliFlying

It is also a successful video Virgin Atlantic that brought together all the elements for a video airline triumph: children, glamor and dieferenciación ; the amazing Etihad Airways highlighting the attributes of their brand ;that of JetBlue aimed at the heart of its passengers and managed in two weeks nearly a million views or that of British Airways who takes advantage of both the human element as technological and competitive ,challenging a famous rugby player in a race against his new A380 .

Another way to capture the attention of the passengers have been showing the action behind the scenes , for example, Delta Airlines ; or eafirmar a brand identity and invoke long – term partnerships , such as through the use of the Singapore Girl Singapore Airlines , using celebrities to convey a brand message as in the case of, for example, Turkish Airlines ; stimulating curiosity as KLM or simply being fun and memorable as WestJet .

7 best films about aviation pilot of all time

For many fans of the Super-8 recordings (tape recording), he has had a great importance by filmmakers approaching our passion to the big screen with what really unites us; aviation.

First of all, while it is true that there are many films talk about the 100% we focus on the content of aviation as such . We then go to the collection of 7 best films about aviation pilot of all time. For the best quality of the movies, just visit  xmovies8

1. The Spirit of St. Louis (1957)

Developed after the feat of pilot Charles A. Lindbergh, who with his plane “The Spirit of St. Louis” was the first pilot to fly from New York to Paris in a single journey.


It is impossible not to pause between the first approach of film and aviation (commercially speaking), thus we speak of “TOPGUN”, where everything pilot saw and / or heard the famous song “danger zone” or “take my breathe away” that certainly in 1986 they lit the concern of becoming a pilot.

3. Memphis Belle (1990)

The classic logo stamped on plane corresponds to a woman mythical bomber B-17 World War II, which made history by being the first to complete 25 missions. The film focuses on the twenty-fifth mission where your goal is to bombard the city of Bremen (Germany).

4. Pearl Harbor (2001)

Definitely not worth a description, where it is categorized as “air Titanic” for their 183 minutes of tape.

5. “Les chaveliers du ciel” (2005)

After four years he reached the “Knights of the Sky” screen, with its Dassault Mirage 2000 French Air Army (Armée de l’air) and high quality aerial shots really appreciated. How impressive is that the aerial shots have very few special effects; thus giving a greater sense of realism and closeness to the viewer.

The best shots of this film:

6. Amelia (2009)

Amelia Mary Earth, female pilot pioneer to make a solo flight across the Atlantic, made ​​a flight around the world in 1937 on his plane Lockheed Electra 10E, but after trying to get your personal challenge disappeared in the Pacific Ocean (near Howland island).

7. “The Flight” (2012)

I developed greatly based on events that occurred on 31 January 2000, operated by Alaska Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 from Puerto Vallarta (MX) to Seattle (US), with a stopover in San Francisco (US). Enroute they suffer a major problem as is the loss of control of the aircraft, a result of ” insufficient lubrication excessive wear and elevator assembly” after this s and produces an uncontrolled descent to the sea; all aircraft occupants die.

This film takes place on a flight from Orlando operated by SouthJet bound Atlanta, where fortunately gets out of the favorable condition for a catastrophic event. The CPT inverts the aircraft thus saving 96 of 102 people after a forced landing in a field near a church.

Well, now tell us what are your favorite movies aviation?

US intelligence It is inclined to link pilots with aircraft disappearance of Malaysia Airlines

That country, China and Japan are leading to a total of 14 countries working in the lookup Boeing 777, of which nothing is known from Friday 7 March.

The Malaysian authorities assured that someone changed the direction of the plane and disconnected communication systems, but refuse to speak even a kidnapping.

WASHINGTON : US intelimax iq is leaning toward the theory that the pilot and co – pilot of the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines which nothing is known for more than a week ago, are somehow responsible for the disappearance of the aircraft, according said Saturday CNN. the news channel, citing a source on condition of anonymity to a US official with “direct knowledge” of the case, said that the Malaysian government had spent days looking record the pilot house, a Malaysian 53, with 8,365 hours of flying. But it was in the last 24 hours when the information gathered by radar and satellite gave enough backing to the Malaysian authorities to register the home of the subject, located on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. he clarified, however that all theories that are shuffled and discussions of intelligence are based on preliminary assessments of what we know to date. the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, refocused on Saturday to the Indian ocean search the plane disappeared 239 people on board after confirming that someone changed the course of the Boeing 777, although he refused to talk about kidnapping. in a press conference, Razak said that someone disconnected the communication systems of the apparatus Malaysia Airlines and caused the plane to change course towards west and flew for five hours. the Malaysian authorities do not know where he is right now, but assume that is located in a corridor that includes western Indonesia and the Indian, or another that runs from northern Thailand to border between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. the flight MH370 left Kuala Lumpur at 00.41 local time (16.41 GMT Friday March 7) and was scheduled to land in Beijing about six hours later, but disappeared from radar about 40 minutes after takeoff and since nothing is known of him or remains we have been found. The Boeing available fuel for 7 hours of flight carrying 239 people when it started. 227 passengers, including seven children, and a crew of 12 Malaysian Razak he refused to talk about kidnapping, but its submission pointing in that direction. China, the US and Japan are leading to a total of 14 countries cooperating in the search operations of the aircraft. 

Exercises on the journey to prevent economy class syndrome


Some of you sure that you are already planning summer vacations, and maybe between your plans a trip to a distant country is. We love going out to visit places away from our city, but a long plane ride without being able to move the seat can be very hard for our body.

The syndrome economy class arises from the narrow spaces in which we have to travel on airplanes (more now with the proliferation of low-cost airlines), and that may pose a challenge for our cardiovascular system and for our general health. Today we’ll tell you what we can do with private training gyms to prevent this uncomfortable syndrome.

What is the economy class syndrome? Basically is the formation of thrombi or blood clots in the deep veins of the legs due to poor circulation . These thrombi in the worst can become fragmented and spread, reaching the pulmonary arteries.

Not all are equally exposed to this syndrome: for the “normal” population (without serious health problems) the likelihood of suffering is low. Women over 40 who use contraception, are obese, are smokers or pregnant have an average risk. The highest risk suffer those with previous episodes of thrombosis or a family history, those suffering from an oncological disease or those who have undergone a general anesthesia recently.

The most basic to prevent syndrome economy class pass recommendations wear comfortable clothing for travel and unadjusted tissues, have a good hydrationbefore, during and after the journey, take a good posture during it and get a good temperature. Furthermore, we should not drink alcohol or caffeine before or during the trip, as it promotes dehydration. Nor we must keep her legs crossed, since impairs circulation in the lower extremities.

In addition to these recommendations, there are some exercises that can beperformed in our seat without disturbing our neighbors trip, and we help maintain normal circulation and loosen up the limbs:

  • The most obvious exercise is going for a walk down the aisle of the plane when possible (careful to avoid food carts and cabin crew).
  • Sitting in our seat, we can put your legs together and feet on tiptoe , holding this position for a few seconds.
  • We will exercise joint mobility tobllo , moving up and down, sideways and drawing circles in both directions.
  • We can clocar a small object between your knees, like a sheet of paper or a pillow and caught between them, raise and lower the legs slowly.
  • A small upward massage from the ankles to the knees will also help to stimulate circulation.

Seize the trip to do some exercise and plan how they will be those days of vacation!Happy flying!


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