Aero-San Traveller's Edge

Personal Travel Pillows

This just may be the best travel pillow ever

Of all things you may use during your flight, the blankets and pillows in the plane probably have the highest risk factor in transmitting an illness. The blankets and pillows, when you can find them, are used and reused throughout the day by many passengers. Not all of them are as healthy as you.

Our Traveller’s Edge™ Personal Travel Pillows are custom made to our specifications. We looked around and could not find a pillow that met our standards. So we designed our own unique ‘bowtie’ shape.

Some other pillows don’t offer any lateral support, some feel like whiplash collars. Our Personal Travel Pillows have just the right amount of support to keep you comfortable and help keep those painful kinks away from your neck.

Filled with poly 'micro-beads' our Personal Travel Pillows are Super Soft, and comfortable.

Offered in our drawstring net bag.

ONLY $14.99 each