Aero-San Traveller's Edge

Airline Seat Covers

Because you don't really know who your travelling companions are.

At last, you can help protect yourself on that once-in-a-lifetime vacation or important business trip. High-traffic surfaces harbor grime and germs that can make you sick. Put a barrier between you and everybody else that has used your seat. Traveller’s EdgeTM Airline Seat Covers keep away the grime you can see – and the stuff you can’t.

Traveller’s EdgeTM Airline Seat Covers completely cover the seat back and cushion on most all airline seats. The Covers have a soft comfortable feel, but are strong enough for those long flights.

Our Seat Covers are made from Spunbond Polypropylene, a heavyweight cut of the same fabric used in Surgical Gowns. The material is non-absorbent, and moisture-repellant. Washable and reusable (our test Cover has been through the washing machine five times… and still looks great). Completely recyclable.

Enjoy the flight. Get the edge for a successful business trip or peace of mind for your vacation paradise.

• Fit most airline seats
• Includes Antiseptic Towelettes to kill germs on your armrests and tray table
• Made from the same material used to protect medical personnel
• Comfortable, soft cloth-like texture
• Durable, reuseable and recyclable

ONLY $7.99 each