Aero-San Traveller's Edge

Premiere Travel Health Pack


We’re trying to keep it easy for you. You have enough things to remember… tickets, luggage, family, business.. it all takes up your time.

Our Premiere Travel Health Pack combines our most popular travel accessories and travel health products - giving you all the equipment you need.

Each Premiere Travel Health Pack includes these following travel products;

One - Traveller’s EdgeTM Head Rest Cover Our Covers are generously sized to cover the seat back on most all airline seats. The Covers have a soft comfortable feel, but are strong enough for those long flights.

One - Personal Travel Blanket Ours are bigger (a full 50x66 inches), softer, and warmer than the airline blankets. And it is your blanket, not one you are sharing with a stranger from the last flight.

One - pack of six-individual Antiseptic Towelettes Each large 5x7 inch citrus-scented towelette contains two antiseptic agents to help clean your tray table and armrests.

One - Everlight Travel Flashlight. The PERFECT emergency flashlight. Never needs batteries. Powered by a Faraday Induction Generator.

We put all these travel accessories together in our Drawstring Net Bag for easy carrying… You are ready for the world.

ONLY $29.99 each